Natalia Mainczyk is a line leader at the Purmo Group Rybnik factory where she manages logistics and the production line.

Enthusiastic approach towards learning and growing responsibility has led Natalia Mainczyk to her present position at the Purmo Group. Her main duties include managing logistics and the production line where every day brings new challenges to deal with. When she graduated from a vocational technical school in economics in 2011 and was employed by the factory, she was barely acquainted with the company. “I only knew that they produce heaters,” Mainczyk admits.

Managing production process

Inspired by her work environment, Mainczyk enrolled in part-time studies and graduated as an engineer in 2015, which gave her the competence and knowledge to become more proficient with the production line. In 2018, she became a line leader.

Her daily routine starts with planning and assignment distribution. “Days at work pass very quickly. I am the leader of the team, so there are various challenges. I carry responsibility for the production process, and there are also many administrative tasks to take care of. It is both challenging and interesting but having a good team around makes this all possible.”

Advancing through in-house training

Mainczyk’s path to her latest role was eased by in-house training. She learned the skills and got the experience needed in her present position mainly through hands-on practical training in different production phases. This is likely a big reason why she has stayed with the company that gave her the first “real job” after she graduated.

I like the atmosphere at work. People make it – there is a strong feeling of togetherness.

“For everybody who asks me if she or he should apply to Purmo Group, I give always say, go ahead, this is an inspiring workplace full of opportunities.”

Shared goals and good support system

Natalia Mainczyk doesn’t have to think long when asked about the best part of her work. “Apart from being diverse and eventful, I like the atmosphere at work. People make it – there is a strong feeling of togetherness. And there is no negative competition among us.  We help and support each other. Also, I find that everyone is treated equally, employees are respected and remunerated equitably for their work.”

Outside work, Mainczyk enjoys an active lifestyle with her family. Biking is her passion, so she also bikes to work whenever possible cruising into her daily tasks and responsibilities: domestic and foreign orders, task distribution, and helping to train visitors from other company factories.

Getting to know: Natalia Mainczyk

  • Started at Purmo Group in 2011
  • Works as a line leader and is managing logistics and a production line
  • Bikes a lot and leads an active life with her family
  • Personal motto: “Don’t think about tomorrow. Live in the moment.”