Mao Huajun ensures the high quality of painting at the Purmo Group Yangzhou factory.

Senior Operator Mao Huajun is in charge of keeping the painting line running smoothly at Purmo Group’s factory in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. Huajun supervises the pre-treatment, e-coating and powder painting. The painting line controls the quality of the finished radiator, and Huajun needs to stay sharp to improve the yield of the product.

“I do daily experiments, dosing, parameter adjustment, equipment inspection and maintenance work. I would say that my typical day at work is diverse and busy,” he explains.

Before the factory opened in September 2019, Huajun participated in Purmo Group’s production training in Poland. He says that experience was wonderful:

“I learned the needed skills for the job, but also many things about Polish culture. I also gained many Polish friends,” he says. After distinguishing himself during the overseas training, he was hand-picked for the trial production in China, where he also excelled. Consequently, Huajun became one of the first production employees hired to the Yangzhou factory.

Developing the company through teamwork

Before Purmo Group, Huajun already had experience working with a foreign-owned company in China.

“Because of this, I was familiar with the workflow of a foreign-owned company. I found Purmo Group’s social security and management system to be perfect for me.”

I feel peace of mind when I can produce quality products efficiently.

Between overseas training and his current position at the painting line, Huajun has enjoyed the teamwork with the production crew.

“We work together and believe in each other. Along the way we overcome difficulties and contribute to the progress of the team and the development of the company,” he says, summing up the importance of the work community.

Take responsibility and keep learning

Huajun feels that his strengths as an employee are willingness to shoulder responsibility and always having a positive work attitude.

“At present, the work of the painting line is very suitable for me. I feel peace of mind when I can produce quality products efficiently,” he says.

The most important thing Huajun has learned at Purmo Group is to keep learning – always.

“I believe the future will be even better,” he says, adding that he feels energised by the goal he has set for himself to improve the quality of life for himself and his family.