Our 24 KPIs are shared among our 10 commitments. You can see them all here.

They have been carefully considered and we believe them to be challenging but ultimately achievable. We are making them visible to the world because we are serious in our commitment to sustainability.

Our production

Commitment 1: Emissions and energy

KPI 1: Scope 1 and 2 emissions. We are proud to have committed to setting science-based targets which we expect to be validated in 2023. This is a challenging but essential step towards a net-zero carbon future for us by 2050.

Commitment 2: Resource efficiency and waste

KPI 2: Water and waste reduction. We are currently assessing the results of our baselining activity to set our % reduction in water consumption by 2030. Zero waste to landfill by 2030

KPI 3: Recycled materials and packaging. 100% packaging from recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials by 2030

Commitment 3: Responsible sourcing

KPI 4: Sustainable materials. Key materials (steel, brass, plastic and packaging) sustainably sourced by 2030

KPI 5: Transparency. Trace all key materials (steel, brass, plastic and packaging) to source by 2030

Our solutions

Commitment 4: Climate-smart solutions

KPI 6: Number one choice. We will be recognised as the number one choice for energy-efficient solutions. In 2022 we improved our sustainability Net promoter score from +4 to +8. This is a positive start but we are ambitious and want to set more stretching targets through 2023 and beyond

KPI 7: Environmental Product Declarations. By 2025 we will publish Environmental Product Declarations for all new products and solutions that we develop

KPI 8: Climate-smart systems. Increase sales of our smart, sustainable products

Commitment 5:Circularity and end-of-life

KPI 9: Product end of life. Apply circular design principles to all new products by 2025

KPI 10: Circularity training. Top 30 customers to be trained in circular economy and recyclability principles by 2025

KPI 11: Partnerships. Identify three thought leadership or academic partnerships by the end of 2023 to explore more sustainable and innovative systems and solutions

KPI 12: Donation service. By 2025, implement a donation service enabling consumers to donate old but functioning systems

Our people

Commitment 6: Diversity, equality and inclusion

KPI 13: Diverse company. Increase the proportion of senior management positions filled by women from 24% in 2021 to 50% by 2030

KPI 14: Pay equality. Eliminate pay gaps where they exist, and ensure pay equity by 2025

KPI 15: Partnering. Partner with relevant organisation(s) with mission to support STEM education in young people/women/under-represented groups.

KPI 16: Inclusive culture. Implement a zero-discrimination culture

Commitment 7: Engagement at work

KPI 17: Employee engagement and wellbeing. Improve eNPS and engagement metrics year on year through to 2025. In 2022 we improved our employee NPS score from -9 to -8 

Commitment 8: Employee training

KPI 18: Future skills for commercial roles. Train 100% of commercial sales team in sustainable and energy efficient solutions by 2025

KPI 19: Future skills for all employees. Enable 100% of our workforce to participate in relevant upskilling and reskilling programmes by 2030

KPI 20: Future talent pipeline. Increase our offer of apprenticeships & internships across the Group

Commitment 9: Health and safety

KPI 21: Zero harm. Zero accidents across our business

KPI 22: Anti-corruption training. Ensure all eligible employees complete anti-corruption training

Our communities

Commitment 10: Community engagement and education

KPI 23: Enable climate resilience for all. Devote 25,000 (eight hours per employee, per year) of employees’ time to support our local communities in providing heating and cooling solutions for vulnerable groups by 2025

KPI 24: Stakeholder collaboration. Develop plans in all markets to collaborate with local governments and relevant organisations