Complete Care means we care about everything we touch. The things we make; the way we make them; the people who work for us, and the communities who live with us. 


We are putting sustainability on every agenda. We are embedding it in our objectives, our decision-making and wearing it as a badge in discussions with suppliers, customers, investors and other stakeholders. From production lines to product design, from emissions to materials sourcing, from HR to community engagement, we want sustainability to run through every part of our business, to be part of our corporate DNA.

We call this Complete Care.

Download our 2023 Sustainability Report here* 

2023 Sustainability Report


There are many ways of making a difference, from the smallest gestures to the greatest actions. There are quick wins and there are what seem like insurmountable difficulties. We have identified the areas where we know we need to take action, and they affect every part of our business. 4 areas, 10 commitments, 24 KPIs.

Our sustainability strategy is guided by externally driven targets such as the UN Sustainability Goals (SDGs) and the goals of the Paris Agreement. To reach EU objectives by 2030 requires an 18% reduction in energy consumption and a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from European buildings. This means that Purmogroup is uniquely placed, with our product range, our production ability and our determination, to make a significant contribution. We have a passion for making changes for the better, one indoor climate at a time.  

Read about the 4 areas and 10 commitments of Complete Care.

*To complement our 2022 Sustainability Report we have created a GRI content index to make our reported information traceable and to improve transparency. To read our GRI reporting index click here 2023 Global reporting Initiative

** Assurance report on Purmo Group's 2023 Sustainability report