Sustainable (adj): "meeting your needs without compromising anyone or anything from meeting theirs, today or tomorrow."

Climate change is one of the biggest threats that modern humans have ever faced and unless we radically and rapidly change the ways in which we live, our planet will face unimaginable consequences.

We are very excited about of the dramatic effect that we can have on the future. 17% of energy consumption comes from heating domestic homes, and more from public, commercial and industrial buildings; so Purmo Group can make a very significant difference.

We believe in the concept of ‘complete care’, so we’re embarking on a sustainability journey that reaches everywhere. When we say “we care”, we're talking about shaping our approach to our business, our responsibility to the environment, our employees and the communities in which we operate. 




Our solutions. We will the champion of climate-friendly heating and cooling solutions. We will take every opportunity we can to inform and educate, as well as developing and improving the way we make and deliver them, their performance in operation and their recyclability.

Our people. We will nurture and grow a diverse, happy and motivated workforce that has the skills and commitment to deliver upon our sustainability goals. Diversity makes us stronger. We share our world with a wonderful mix of cultures, backgrounds, viewpoints and approaches to life, and that’s a good thing. The only thing that everyone should have in common is access to opportunity. 

Our production. We are aligned with the goal of a 1.5 degree future – capping the planet’s rise in mean temperature to a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Our communities. We will collaborate with like-minded external organisations to give greater access to energy-efficient indoor climates for all.

Throughout this is our ongoing dedication to fair governance, safe working practices and ethical behaviour.

Tackling sustainability challenges is a responsibility we are proud to take on: caring about people, our planet and everyone at Purmo Group.



Insight: how to optimise heating

The transition towards more sustainable ways of heating in modern buildings is rife with challenges. While underfloor heating has become very popular in many European countries, there have also been reports of underperformance and high cost. Could underfloor heating benefit from a “sidekick” of sorts?

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Valves used in the recirculation of hot water may have an impact on human health. MMA Evobalance valves ensure lead-free drinking water.

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