470350 complete care

What is 'complete care'?

Complete Care means putting sustainability on every agenda and caring about everything we touch. The things we make, the way we make them, the people who work for us, and the communities who live with us. 

470350 four areas

4 focus areas and 10 Commitments

We are serious about making changes that matter, and we have a clear route map to follow. It is made up of four focus areas and ten commitments, each of which has a series of action plans which are clearly measured by KPIs. You can discover them here.

470 350 KPIs

Our KPIs and progress

Here are our 24 sustainability KPIs. They’re challenging. We realise some targets will take longer to achieve than others and there will be obstacles along the way, but we are making them visible because we are serious about our commitment and sharing our progress and performance.
470 350 case studies

Case studies and thought leadership

We stay well informed and we keep learning from the solutions we create for our customers. This includes insights into products, materials, legislation, science and almost every aspect of sustainability. We share our knowledge because we are much more powerful together than alone. 
Paula Bear 470 350

Paula Bear

This is Paula Bear. When you see her, it's because we're illustrating an action or improvement that's happened in line with our sustainability strategy and our commitment to Complete Care. She's our endorsement: 'Because We Care'.