Jan Woźniak has been a vital part of the development and growth story of Purmo Group’s Rybnik factory.

When you work in a company for 25 years as Jan Woźniak has, you can really say that you know the place inside out. Since 2006, Wozniak been a foreman responsible for seamless manufacturing at all production lines in Rybnik. His job includes active communication, managing employees and information, arranging maintenance issues in a way that interrupts production as little as possible, solving safety matters and other problems that come up, such as breakdowns. He also deals with administrative tasks, and cooperates with the sales department coordinating orders with the manufacturing process.

Robust modernisation of equipment

When the Rybnik factory became a part of Purmo Group in 1993, the production lines were in need of modernisation. Today, the Rybnik factory looks very different. And the process of developing things has always been a collaborative one: “Though the managers are responsible, everybody in the company can suggest improvements that are being made all the time. For a good idea, one is rewarded with a bonus. Everyone is involved”, Woźniak says.  

I have a real sense of achievement thinking about how far we have come. It has been a great, successful journey.

Jan Woźniak found his way to Rybnik thanks to his earlier experience at assembly lines in different factories in Poland and Germany. He started on the shop floor and is now a foreman: “What I like in the work is that there is something happening all the time. With this continuous innovation and diversity come lots of challenges, big scale planning and fast decision-making. I’ve been on a life-long learning curve.”

Growth and a competitive spirit

During his 25 years of service, Jan Woźniak has seen a nearly tenfold increase in production. He is very proud of being part of the factory’s successful growth. “International nature of the company even brings competition between our factories in different countries. Everyone wants to be the best production site inside the company.”

Woźniak feels that in a flow of continuous development, days go by fast. “And the years! Now my son is studying robotics and automation. He already does some practical training here, at the factory.”

Woźniak finds Purmo Group a reliable employer. “Social issues, medical care, insurance and salaries are all taken care of properly. I do have many good reasons for staying here for 25 years.”