This is Paula Bear

She’s a visual device that we’re using both inside and outside the company to illustrate the actions we take in line with our sustainability strategy.

Paula will appear on improved packaging, improved products and on any initiative that acts in line with the 4 areas of Complete Care: our behaviours towards production, solutions, people and communities. Every time you see Paula, it will be because we’ve made a change that matters.

We’ve chosen a polar bear because they lead lives that are seasonally dependant on heat and cold, and because the decline in their habitat illustrates the damaging effect that human activity is having on our planet.

Paula is more than a logo – she is a statement of conscience. She holds her ball protectively, looking at all of us with enquiring eyes in the hope that, one day, humans could be trusted with the planet again. With Purmo Group’s vision that perfect indoor climates should not cost the planet’s climate, we hope to earn that trust.

She only appears when our actions raise the question: “Why did you do that?” And when the answer is clear and simple:

Because we care.


Let's find out more about Paula Bear by watching the video below:

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