Purmo Group Code of Conduct

Purmo Group’s foundation lies in our company culture. We show respect to our people, our society and our environment and that connects us across the whole organisation. How we put these principles into practice is embodied in our Code of Conduct. The Code leads us in our work activities and guides us on how to conduct our business responsibly and sustainably.
We believe in doing the right thing regardless of time and place. A company culture in which we do not compromise our ethics under any circumstances helps us to achieve our targets and long-term success. Therefore, every one of us at Purmo Group is responsible for contributing to an ethical culture through our own behavior and the decisions and choices we make. Every person acting in Purmo Group’s name as well as any of our stakeholders can also raise their concerns and count on Purmo Group to take appropriate action to investigate any violation of our Code.

Adherence to this Code of Conduct is a requirement for working at Purmo Group and for conducting business with us. Each employee and officer of Purmo Group must internalize and commit to the Code of Conduct principles and use them to guide their work in the right direction. Every choice matters.

John Peter Leesi, CEO
Purmo Group

PG Whistleblowing policy

At Purmo Group, we give a commitment to comply with laws and regulations that apply in countries where we operate at all times. In addition to following the legal requirements, we are committed to doing business ethically and responsibly. These commitments are endorsed and supported by the highest level management within the company and Purmo Group expects its directors, officers and employees to demonstrate these commitments when dealing on behalf of Purmo Group. Any suspected wrongdoing should be reported as soon as possible.
This Policy is applicable to every director, officer and employee of Purmo Group (hereinafter employee) and its subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as members of the Board of Directors. Also Purmo Group’s business partners can report on suspected wrongdoings under this Policy.

This Policy does not form part of any employee's contract of employment and it may be amended at any time. In some countries, more stringent mandatory laws may override the principles set out in this Policy.