Hillerstorp is a small village in southern Sweden. This area, called the Gnosjö region, is well-known for its many small- and medium-sized companies.

Our core business is brackets for radiators, and we are the market leader in Europe. Our brackets are patented and have a strong brand, Monclac. We also produce ventilation units and other accessories for radiators. We have R&D, purchasing, logistic, planning, production, marketing, sales, sales support and finance departments and some 30 employees to run them.

Markaryd is a small town in the south of Sweden. Here we have R&D, finance, HR, sales support, purchasing, logistics and production departments and a staff of about 150 employees. We develop, manufacture and sell products and concepts for managing flow in buildings and houses. We have a large range of products that includes thermostats, valves, manifolds and controls. We are very proud to be one of few manufacturers that use low lead Eco brass in many of our products.

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