11 January 2023

Purmo Group, a leader in sustainable indoor climate comfort solutions, has released its first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). An EPD, also known as a Product Environmental profile, covers all phases of the product lifecycle providing objective, third-party, verified data about the product’s environmental performance. 

The registration, PEP EcoPassport (PURM-00001-V01.01-EN), is for The Thermopanel V4, V4 Plan and V4 Ramo ranges. Gaining EPDs for all new products by 2025 is one of the 24 KPIs in The Group’s ‘Complete Care’ approach to sustainability. This first registration is therefore a milestone event.

A vital first step

European policies are increasingly focussing on the environmental impact of products. This has become an important factor in buyers’ decisions as they want to understand the environmental impact of their purchases. EPDs provide this information.

Having the widest range of indoor climate offerings, Purmo Group is strongly placed to make a significant contribution to the EU climate objectives of reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from European buildings.

Niclas Schubert, Vice-President of Sales, Nordics) said: “Gaining accreditation for our Thermopanel V4 range communicates clearly and transparently the sustainability of this product family. This is a big win for Purmo Group and in particular our Nordic customers. It shows our commitment to creating more sustainable product ranges. EPDs help to clearly communicate the environmental impacts of our products, from cradle to grave.”

Sam Hodlin, Head of Sustainability at Purmo group added: “Whilst EPDs are still relatively new to consumers we see them becoming more and more important as we move towards a more sustainable future. There is much to do but this is a positive first step.”


Notes for editors:

Overall, buildings in the EU are responsible for approximately 40 per cent of the EU’s energy consumption and 36 per cent of its CO2 emissions. It is estimated that up to 75 per cent of Europe’s building stock is not energy efficient according to current and emerging building standards. As a provider of sustainable and energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions, Purmo Group can play a pivotal role in combatting climate change.

The Thermopanel V4 is one of Purmo Group’s most popular and flexible products with over 9 different connection configurations. Find out more about the Thermopanel range here

Purmo Group’s ‘Complete Care’ sustainability strategy puts climate at the heart of every aspect of our business. It addresses what we make, how we make it, how we treat our people and how we support the communities around us. To be understandable and measurable, these four areas have been translated into 10 commitments, measured by 24 KPIs and realised by a range of actions. Read more about Complete Care online at