04 January 2022

At 10am EET on 3rd of January 2022, the bell rang at Nasdaq Helsinki to open trading on Purmo Group Plc’s first day as a stock-listed company. Trading in Purmo Group (Nasdaq symbol:PURMO) has begun. 

Owing to COVID restrictions the ceremony was hosted virtually. John Peter Leesi, the CEO of Purmo Group, gave his opening address from the former Duchess of Marlborough’s School in Buckinghamshire UK, and rang the school bell in time with the stock-exchange bell in Finland. The school, by coincidence, was founded in 1853 exactly 100 years before the formation of Purmo Tuote Oy.

In his speech, John Peter reflected upon the Group’s motto: “We are proud of what we do and we care. We are courageous and ambitious and we make changes that matter” stating that this stock listing was a change that mattered; allowing the public to join Purmo Group’s vision that “perfect indoor climates should not cost the planet’s climate.”  

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