04 March 2020
At Purmo Group, we have now outlined a new commercial brand strategy for our brands to face the world’s challenges and to better meet our customer needs, from changing climate and scarcer resources to growing populations. With the new commercial brand strategy, we unite our commercial brands around one shared vision and the same distinct visual identity.

Our new commercial brand strategy is based on delivering more sustainable and integrated heating and cooling solutions. Our promise to the market is comfort delivered. We will achieve this through a unique, full-system approach that is designed to optimise heating and cooling system performance. We offer an incomparable range of products and solutions and use four focus areas to drive the change towards more sustainable indoor climate comfort solutions:


  • Improve efficiency by optimising the energy efficiency of solutions through areas such as system accuracy, without jeopardising indoor climate comfort.
  • Better integration by integrating solutions into innovative systems to boost performance. Providing complete solutions rather than just components will ensure a level of indoor climate comfort that will include multiple optimisation benefits.
  • Work smarter by supporting our customers such as planners, wholesalers and installers with a wide range of benefits to make every day easier, increase work efficiency and deliver better solutions.
  • Reduce footprint by limiting the use of resources, such as energy and water, and decreasing the impact of production processes on the planet. Purmo Group is committed to continuously investing in sustainable quality and innovation, while taking the entire lifecycle of our products into account.


We believe that improving efficiency, better integration, working smarter and reducing footprint will play a leading role in meeting some of the challenges the world faces. Current projections indicate the world’s population will reach 10 billion in the next 30 years – and close to 70% of those people will live in cities. This highlights just how important sustainable solutions will be to providing optimal indoor climate comfort. Purmo Group has the experience and capabilities to create sustainable indoor climate comfort in commercial properties, private homes and renovation projects.

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