08 February 2023

Putting customers in control of energy use

The cost of energy is top of everyone’s mind, both in the monetary sense and in terms of the environmental impact. So having full control of how energy is used for heating and cooling the home, is important to all householders.

Bespoke solutions have previously been out of reach for the average consumer, and have often only been possible when replacing an existing system with something new. Now, however, in response to customer demand, Purmo Group have developed Unisenza and Unisenza Plus, two systems which make it much easier to make this kind of control possible.

Control room by room, over the phone

The ability to turn on the heating remotely isn’t new, but Purmo Group’s Unisenza UFH (Under Floor Heating) system does so much more. With room-by-room controls accessed through a phone app, the potential energy savings are significant.

Unisenza UFH was launched in 2022 and controls underfloor heating and cooling. It allows you to set the temperature for each individual room in the house - creating warmer or cooler zones depending on how the rooms will be used. You can even set up geofencing – in other words, programme the controls to turn on when you are within a certain distance from your house, so that the temperature is right for you as you walk through the door. It also features an 'open window function', which senses any excessive drop in temperature and intervenes to prevent further energy losses.

In 2023, a new system, Unisenza Plus will hit the market. This will allow smart thermostats to be fitted to existing radiators, giving the same level of control at even more pocket-friendly prices. No longer will householders have to fiddle with manual radiator thermostats in each room. Instead, for a small outlay, they will have effective remote control over their energy use whether they are in the living room, or away on holiday.

Dramatic savings for the householders – and the planet

Few householders currently adjust individual radiator thermostats, or change their heating settings to reflect whether they are at home or away. So making multi-zone control easier has the potential to make a huge difference to the energy being consumed.

With the initial outlay no more than a few hundred Euros and the cost savings for an average home estimated to pay this back within a year, this is a solution to energy savings that is within everyone’s reach. It is great news for the customer, and for the planet, as much less energy will be wasted on heating or cooling empty homes.

Our Unisenza Plus system is a real game-changer. Customers have been asking for this level of full heating system control for some time, so we are certain that it will have a real impact on energy use as we roll it out over the next year. We are proud to be taking the lead on this kind of technological innovation.