Eros Visentin is a true creative talent at Emmeti, Italy.

Innovation is characteristic to Emmeti, and no one better exemplifies this than Eros Visentin, Research and Development Manager.

“The most important thing in our work is designing new products,” says Visentin, “and making our products for heating and cooling systems more efficient and easier to install.”

Even with a stellar 35-year career, Visentin is still not slowing down. “Experience is crucial to planning. It allows you to avoid stagnation and encourage enthusiasm, too. Of course, innovation also needs people who are fast thinking and technically daring.”

From a sharp pencil to 3D modeling

Visentin came to Emmeti in 1984 signing on as a mechanical designer. Not long after, the company turned to industrial production and appointed him Head of the Technical Department for new product design.

Innovation needs people who are fast thinking and technically daring.

“The company and I have grown together. I’ve tried to keep up with the growth, which has been dizzying. I started with a drafting table and a sharp pencil. Today, we use 3D modeling. Technology has become so innate to daily life that we lose sight of the sheer breadth of change. We’re in a whole new world now.”

Small inventions, big results

Visentin is credited as the inventor of a dozen Emmeti patents. They’re mostly small items such as a fitting that connects sections of an installation. It’s small, but it’s been a big commercial success. “Success is important as it acts as a springboard for future projects and makes people feel their work is meaningful.”

“We have been awarded many patents in several fields, but one that is of particular significance, perhaps because it was my first, is an outlet for the air from heaters that has a button rather than the usual screw. It’s very simple, but we’ve sold millions of them.”

Teamwork and innovation in tandem

These days, Visentin’s team is working on new mixing units for underfloor heating applications to make them more cost efficient and easier to install. “We are also testing new plastic materials for PEX tubes in order to be ready for new German hygienic standards in 2021.”

“My job is to coordinate our technical department team that I hold in the highest esteem. I admire their cohesion and ability to get to grips with all kinds of technical problems. Our goal is to successfully innovate solutions, and I get great satisfaction in seeing my team expand their expertise day by day.”

Getting to know: Eros Visentin

  • Research and Development Manager, Fontanafredda, Pordenone, Italy
  • Started at Emmeti in 1984
  • Enjoys skiing, motorcycles, fly-fishing, and sailing
  • Personal motto: “Creative passion is needed to create unique products.”