Katarina Troberg is a true multitasking expert at Markaryd, Sweden.

After working for 20 years at Purmo Group’s Swedish factory MMA, Katarina Troberg took on a new job there in 2017 as production planner. She likens her job at Markaryd to being “a spider in a web,” handling several things simultaneously.

“It’s so much fun. I have a lot of contact with Marketing internally, but also the other departments here to find solutions to improve efficiency and keep the customers happy,” she says.

During a typical day at work, she makes appropriate plans for the production to run smoothly from one department to the next. She feels right at home surrounded by her team, and describes the significance of a solid and tightknit work community as “extremely important”.

“Good communication between work colleagues is vital. Together we can go a long way,” she believes.

Building know-how

Troberg started at MMA in 1999 and worked for seven years in production at large transfer machines. In 2007, she moved to the Quality Department and trained as a control technician.

“In 2011, I started as a coach/supervisor for the assembly departments, the packing department and the quality department, which was a lot of fun and varied work.” 

With a stellar track record in the company, and excellent knowledge of the company’s products and operations, she was ready to take the next step to become a planner for production.

A balance of challenges and opportunities

The past 20 years have certainly been very interesting, with just the right balance of challenge and opportunity. She still remembers being 24 years old and applying for that first job at MMA. Getting her “foot in the door” made all the difference in her career trajectory.

Good communication between work colleagues is vital. Together we can go a long way.

“I have enjoyed my time here, this is a good company to work for. At Purmo Group, you get the opportunity to develop and show your talents.”

The most important thing she has learned during her two decades at Purmo Group is that you should always treat everyone with respect, regardless of their position.

Motivated to learn and grow

After two decades, her motivation has not waned, but is still strong when she gets up in the morning and heads into the office. “I want to see that everything flows and that we have a good working environment and satisfied customers.”

Troberg also believes that she still has a lot to learn. “My personal goal is to keep developing further and to utilise my knowledge in various work areas.”

Getting to know: Katarina Troberg

  • Production planner, MMA, Markaryd, Sweden
  • Started at MMA in 1999, current position since 2017
  • Enjoys listening to audiobooks, tending her garden and greenhouse
  • Personal motto: “Never stop believing in yourself!”