Driven by new opportunities, Kristina Rein explores each day with a mindset of a curious engineer.

Kristina Rein enjoys having a range of interesting things to work on. As an engineer for Material Development and Chemistry at Purmo Group, she has noticed that the company has so many different products, all with different requirements, that it makes every day exciting.  

“Also, I have the opportunity to see a lot of different places and production plants, not only Purmo Group, but also several material suppliers. The work with many totally different people from different speciality fields gives me the chance to broaden my own knowledge,” she says.

Open, direct communication makes life much easier.

Her work at the R&D Department at Purmo Group’s Hewing operation in Ochtrup, and, formerly for the Research Centre in Crimmitschau, Germany, involves development and selection of new materials together with material suppliers and customers. She also investigates new materials and products and defines delivery specifications.

In addition, Rein supports material testing on existing production lines as well as at external partners’ facilities and institutes. She also provides technical support for the claim, purchase and sales departments.

“Finally, I’m involved in the project management of national and international projects and the planning and execution of trials, testing plants and field tests.”

A true community

Rein started at Purmo Group in 2016 as an engineer for material development directly after finishing her studies (Master of Science, Chemical Engineering). She wrote her Bachelor’s Thesis during an internship at the Hewing R&D department and looks back fondly at that time.

In fact, Rein says that the R&D team at Hewing was really the main reason she came back after finishing her Master’s Thesis at another company. “We never really lost contact after my Bachelor’s Thesis. That’s why it was easy for me to fit into the team,” she says, describing her colleagues as open-minded, funny and always willing to help and support her.

“We have a great time together.”

Communication is key

So far, Rein believes that the most important thing she has learned at Purmo Group has to do with dialogue. Open and direct communication with your supervisors and colleagues makes life much easier. “Most problems arise from people not really talking to each other.”

In her daily work, she showcases the curious mind of a true engineer.

“I’m motivated by the possibility of finding new ways of doing things and solutions and to see that they are successful.”