Purmo Group’s foundation lies in our company culture. We show respect to our people, our society and our environment and that connects us across the whole organisation. How we put these principles into practice is embodied in our Code of Conduct. The Code leads us in our work activities and guides us on how to conduct our business responsibly and sustainably.
We believe in doing the right thing regardless of time and place. A company culture in which we do not compromise our ethics under any circumstances helps us to achieve our targets and long-term success. Therefore, every one of us at Purmo Group is responsible for contributing to an ethical culture through our own behavior and the decisions and choices we make. Every person acting in Purmo Group’s name as well as any of our stakeholders can also raise their concerns and count on Purmo Group to take appropriate action to investigate any violation of our Code.

Adherence to this Code of Conduct is a requirement for working at Purmo Group and for conducting business with us. Each employee and officer of Purmo Group must internalize and commit to the Code of Conduct principles and use them to guide their work in the right direction. Every choice matters.

John Peter Leesi, CEO
Purmo Group


At Purmo Group, we give a commitment to comply with laws and regulations that apply in countries where we operate. In addition to following the legal requirements, we believe in doing business ethically and responsibly.

All employees working for Purmo Group and its joint ventures, whether permanently or temporarily employed, subcontracted or volunteering, are subject to our Code of Conduct, including the Board of Directors and the Leadership Team. The ultimate responsibility for adhering to the following principles and for sustaining Purmo Group’s ethical business conduct rests with each employee individually.

We collaborate with our business partners in good faith and expect them to commit to the principles of our Code of Conduct or ensure their adoption of similar ethical principles in their business activities.

Our Code of Conduct principles in a nutshell

Commitments to our workplace

1. We put health and safety first
2. We value diversity and aim for an inclusive, equal opportunity workplace
3. We respect one another, promoting positive behaviour and disapproving of all forms of harassment and discrimination

Commitments to the marketplace

4. We promote fair competition
5. We respect the rights and privacy of others
6. We help to combat money laundering
7. We are politically neutral
8. We respect all international trade laws

Commitments to our business partners

9. We promise integrity and quality to our customers
10. We expect our business partners to share the same ethical standards with us
11. We avoid situations where personal and business interests could conflict
12. We do our part in the fight against corruption and bribery

Commitments to our shareholders

13. We strive to strengthen Purmo Group’s brands and reputation
14. We keep meticulous financial records and accounts that impartially reflect Purmo Group’s transactions and assets
15. We respect our company assets and have measures to prevent fraud

Commitments to the society

16. We are committed to sustainable development and environmental values
17. We are committed to do business in ways that protect the society and the environment in all the countries where we operate

Commitment to speak up

18. We promise to speak up and act when this code is violated

Whistleblowing Channel

1. Healthy, safe, and respectful work environment

Purmo Group wants to provide a safe working environment where the well-being of each employee is supported and where everyone can work to the best of their ability. The way to do this is to follow the shared instructions, only undertake work that each employee is competent and alert enough to do, and to report any dangerous situations or security-related defects. In addition to physical safety, we support our employees’ work-life balance, mental health and a healthy lifestyle. Substance abuse does not belong to our workplace.

We promote and maintain a diverse, inclusive and equal workplace to foster an open-minded, global company culture. This helps us understand our colleagues, customers and other stakeholders around the world better and makes the workplace a more interesting and personally enriching environment for everyone.

At Purmo Group, we treat each other with respect and dignity. All our employees are entitled to work in an environment that is free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. We do not discriminate or treat employees or job applicants unfairly in matters that involve recruiting, hiring, training, promoting, compensation or any other process or condition of employment.

2. Our integrity in the marketplace

We adhere to applicable competition laws, promote fair and effective competition and do not take actions that might impede it. We shall not discuss or agree prices or other business secrets with our competitors nor participate in activities that are aimed at or potentially result in restricting fair competition.

We respect the valid intellectual property and confidential information of both Purmo Group and others.

We respect the privacy of the personal information to which we have access – whether it is the privacy of our employees, customers or any other stakeholders.

We are committed to fully complying with all applicable anti-money laundering laws. We only accept funds received from legitimate sources.

We do not participate in political or religious activities or make any contributions to these types of activities. We respect all international trade laws that govern the transactions related to Purmo Group’s trade.

3. Ethics in business activities

Purmo Group does not exist without our customers. Keeping this in mind, we treat our customers as we treat our colleagues: with respect and dignity. Integrity shall lead our conduct throughout designing, manufacturing, marketing and delivering our solutions and services.

Our ambition is to seek ethical and transparent relationships with our customers, suppliers, agents, and contractors. We expect our partners to share the same ethical principles as we do.

All of our decisions and business transactions must promote the best interests of Purmo Group and cannot be based on personal interests. Personal relationships with our partners shall not influence our decision-making. We all need to recognize and avoid conflicts of interest and restrain ourselves from decision-making if it includes or may include a conflict of interest. We must immediately report any circumstances that may be interpreted as conflicts of interest to our decision-makers and consider the solutions together.

At Purmo Group, we do our part in the fight against corruption and bribery. We regard gestures of appreciation such as meals and invitations to social gatherings as part of building sound business relationships. However, we must make sure that the gifts and hospitality we give and receive always support a clear business objective and are properly recorded, reasonably valued, and appropriated to the nature of the business relationship. We refrain from receiving and giving any gifts that may affect decisions related to business operations or that have considerable personal or financial value.  

4. Responsibility to Shareholders

We strive to strengthen Purmo Group’s company brand and reputation and further the organization’s success. Transparency and openness are part of our brand, which we value and protect with care.

We keep meticulous financial records and accounts that impartially reflect Purmo Group’s transactions and assets.

Not only must we respect people, but we must also respect our company assets. All of us at Purmo Group must use company resources honestly, efficiently and only for legitimate business purposes. We must protect our resources from theft, loss, damage, or misuse – this includes both tangible and intangible assets.

We are committed to preventing fraud by creating an environment that fosters high integrity and ability to recognize ethical dilemmas which we all face from time to time.

5. Environment and coporate citizenship

We are passionate about developing our solutions, services and processes in a sustainable manner. Purmo Group agrees with the global consensus on the threat of climate change and we work to mitigate the environmental footprint of our business operations.

Reducing the carbon footprint throughout our value chain is our target. We strive to reduce emissions from all production and supply chain, and we are continuously working towards further reducing both material and waste and increasing the energy efficiency in our production processes. Our product development is constantly looking for new ways to design products, which will be even more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

6. Bringing our Code of Conduct to life and promoting a "Speak up!" culture

When in doubt, ask yourself

No document can cover every situation that you may encounter or every policy that may apply to you and your work. And it is not a substitute for good judgment.

There are times when you may be unsure what to do, or there are some issues that may not be immediately apparent or clear. In these situations, and before making a decision or taking an action, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my conduct legal, fair and honest?
  • Is my conduct compliant with Purmo Group’s Code of Conduct and other company guidelines?
  • Would my manager, colleagues, family and friends think that I am doing the right thing?
  • Have I thought about the impact of my behavior on Purmo Group or other people?
  • Would I feel comfortable if my conduct became public?
  • Will my conduct allow Purmo Group to maintain its reputation as a trustworthy and responsible company and employer?
  • Does my conduct feel right?

If you truthfully answer “yes” to of all these questions, you do not need to be in doubt.

If you have to answer “no” to any of these questions or if you are not sure, please consult with your manager, HR or Legal.

Speak up about your concerns

We are all responsible for maintaining the integrity and ethical standards of Purmo Group. If we suspect misconduct anywhere in the company, we are all obligated to speak up and report it, as well as listen to the concerns raised by others. We must never assume that someone else has reported a risk or concern.

We provide several ways to raise a confidential concern. If you become aware of something that may be or result in a violation of Purmo Group’s Code of Conduct, you can:

1) Speak to your manager, Legal or HR. You may also be in touch with our CEO or any member of our Board of Directors.

2) Report your concern by using our Whistleblowing Process. Concerns may be raised anonymously but sufficient detail on the concern should be provided to allow appropriate follow up.

This makes it possible for us to deal with issues and correct them in a timely manner and prevent them from happening again at the same place or elsewhere in the organization.
We review misconduct reports carefully, handle personal data appropriately and maintain the confidentiality of reports to the extent possible. Individuals who are accused of violations will be provided an opportunity to respond to the concern.

We do not tolerate retaliation against any person who, in good faith, reports suspected misconduct or participates in an investigation to resolve suspected misconduct. Examples of retaliation include demotion, dismissal, denial of promotion, salary reduction and any kind of threatening, bullying or harassment.

Employees who violate the law, our Code of Conduct or other company guidelines are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.  

Thank you for your commitment to Purmo Group!

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