25 marraskuuta 2021

Purmo Group is committed to future-proofing its promise of ‘Comfort Delivered’ in increasingly digital and connected homes. This is why we have partnered with Materna Group – a specialist in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Homes. 

Materna group have worked with companies in Automotive, Banking and Manufacturing industries, implementing services and consulting with large brands like Bosch and Vodafone. Their capabilities make them the right choice to help Purmo Group deliver on user friendly, connected smart-home heating system.  

Materna were introduced to Purmo Group by a company called Grand Centrix, the IoT arm of Vodafone. They specialise in helping organisations deliver their IoT strategy from connected devices all the way through to complete platform solutions.

Purmo Group’s ‘Connected Home’ will be robust in design, easy to use and be secure. It will form the platform for all future SMART systems, controls and emitters they design and develop. Smart systems that deliver higher customer value are just one of the ways Purmo Group intend to promote sustainability. Sustainability and digitalisation is at the core of Purmo Group’s long-term strategy. This is a great step forwards in helping our customers provide smart solutions for everyone. 

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