28 heinäkuuta 2021
With the new Figuresse line of designer bathroom radiators, Purmo Group is taking a step closer to the very design-oriented customer. The curtain was already raised during the internal virtual event, and today these radiators are available in the Benelux and Germany. All other markets can now call on the campaign materials developed to introduce this series in their countries too.
Figuresse is the first tangible result of a collaboration between the golden triangle of Global marketing, product management and sales. It is the kick-off for many future international product launches, where we will strive for efficient cooperation, a global vision, but sufficient attention for local differences in markets. For this very reason, we are continuously optimising the lines of communication with regional sales, in order to incorporate their valuable market knowledge and input into the campaign materials.

Olivier Schmitz (VP Sales Benelux): ”The Figuresse series radiators are truly the icing on the cake of our already extensive range. The design and certainly the simplicity of the series is particularly popular in the showrooms. With the three trending colours in stock and almost every model available in as well hydronic or electric, you can never miss!”