15 maaliskuuta 2023

Corporate responsibility does not just mean keeping your own house in order, it also considers the communities that you interact with. At Purmo Group we recognise that our expertise can benefit thousands of people in the markets we operate in, and that we have a unique opportunity to make a difference.

The climate crisis has pushed many people into energy poverty, meaning that they can no longer afford indoor thermal comfort. In Europe alone, over 50 million people are already unable to heat or cool their homes effectively, with even higher numbers in regions which are developing economically.

Our skills, expertise and products can support communities in building resilience to climate change. We can donate money, products, knowledge and time to communities local to our operations, in order to alleviate the impact of energy poverty.

Helping local communities at a corporate level

In communities local to our operations, we will work with local governments and climate resilience and poverty organisations to support the most vulnerable people in gaining access to adequate shelter and indoor climate solutions.

The plans will differ in every community, as the local needs will vary considerably, but are likely to involve education, donations of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) products and employees spending time volunteering and helping local communities. We will do our best to measure and track the impact on climate resilience, although this may present challenges.

Long term, we will create a community engagement approach so each of our locations can address the needs of local communities. Ultimately, we want to partner with wider stakeholders and organisations to scale up our projects for the maximum impact.

The hands-on approach

The scale of our operation makes us a significant presence and a key employer in the regions where we operate. We recognise that this gives us both the opportunity and responsibility to make an impact and difference to local communities.

From 2025, we are making available 25,000 hours of employee time (eight hours for each employee) to support local communities by providing heating and cooling solutions, as well as supporting community action such as litter picking. We want this programme to result in lasting partnerships and true engagement with local communities, rather than being a box-ticking exercise.

Our aim is to create a strong giving culture within the company, and to have a genuine social and environmental impact for the local communities. We will share stories of the local community programmes across all plants, giving these activities the high profile and recognition they deserve.