08 helmikuuta 2023

Extending the hand of friendship across borders

How Purmo Group staff stepped up when lives were on the line

When war broke out in neighbouring Ukraine, Purmo Group staff in Poland had a very personal reason to help. Former colleagues, contract workers from Ukraine, got in touch asking for assistance for their families, who were fleeing the conflict zones.

Several of Purmo Group’s employees were already helping refugees who had arrived in Rybnik from other countries - travelling to the Ukrainian border to meet them and bring them to safety. Other staff members rallied round and offered accommodation, financial aid and essential supplies.

It soon became clear that many, many more refugees were arriving from Ukraine, all in desperate need of shelter and provisions. The volunteer work extended to Warsaw railway station, directing the new arrivals to the help they needed. Again, there was a growing feeling among the workforce that they wanted to do more to help.

Providing time and money to help

Purmo Group has set up an assistance fund for refugees, and staff are invited to pay into it directly from their wages. All contributions are matched by the company. This fund pays for initial hotel accommodation, rent, clothes, supplies and help with job seeking. It is available for refugees from any country, wherever the need is greatest.

As part of the assistance campaign, Purmo Group is also funding many of the hours spent by individuals who volunteer to help, including time taken by many employees to give blood, as supplies are running low. This combination of time and financial assistance is making a real difference for those people displaced from their homes and forced to take shelter in Poland.

Monika Krakowczyk-Piotrowska, HR Manager for Purmo Group Poland said: ‘The response from our staff to this humanitarian crisis has been inspiring. Not only have they given up time and money, but many of them are still hosting refugees in their homes today. We are proud that we can support these activities with matched funding and paid hours. No-one should be forced from their home, and we hope our efforts have made refugees feel welcome and have provided some comfort.’