24 maaliskuuta 2023

Partnering our expertise with a that of a leading university

In a fast-moving industry such as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), it is always a challenge to ensure that skills and knowledge are kept relevant and consistent. Technology changes quickly, as there is constant innovation to improve efficiency, cost effectiveness and sustainability.

At Purmo Group, a completely new approach to training has been developed, which will be rolled out globally. They have teamed up with the Engineering Department at FH Burgenland (Burgenland University), and are working together on a programme to develop technical skills and industry knowledge.

The academics at the University receive some EU funding for their research into HVAC technology. They have state-of-the-art laboratories for practical experiments, and they understand both the latest technological trends and the environmental impact of indoor climate comfort solutions.

A wide-ranging programme designed for flexibility

The programme is made up of 10, 20 or 30 modules, depending on existing knowledge levels, and participants are expected to complete one 90-minute module per week.

The content covers all aspects of indoor climate comfort, from thermodynamics to how the human body reacts to changes in temperature. It includes such diverse subjects as housing design, the needs of architects and how the environment is impacted by different technologies. It goes way beyond simply learning about products and solutions.

The training delivery is designed for a sales force that is geographically diverse. It will be accessed half off-line, in modules that can be completed at any time, and half on-line, by video-conferencing. There will also be opportunities to meet up in face-to-face workshops when needed.

Pilot launching in January 2023

The first ten participants will go through the training between January and June 2023. They will be drawn from sales and product management roles in a number of countries.

The programme will then be rolled out across the company, with senior management and new starters all expected to take part. It will also be translated into local languages to make it accessible for everyone.

Lesia Gibbons, Head of Organisational Development said: ‘The new training will give our people the skills they need to excel in their roles now and into the future. It will both complement the soft skills training already in place, and ensure that their knowledge and expertise is relevant, consistent and sustainable.’