The Purmo Group factory in Lilienthal is located in northern Germany near Bremen. Lilienthal has been a leading manufacturing plant for stainless steel chimney systems since 1988. Our core products are single and double walled stainless steel chimney systems which can be used for new builds or restorations. Additionally, we deliver a comprehensive range of accessories for our products. We offer the perfect exhaust systems for both private households and industrial facilities. In Lilienthal we have around 60 employees.

The Purmo Group factory in Meiningen is located south of Thuringia. We produce the unique Delta column radiator using a modern laser-welded technique. Radiator production in Meiningen started in 1991. In 1997, we received the Thuringian innovation prize for our pioneering development of the 100 per cent laser-welded production of radiators and the series start in 1997. In Meiningen we have around 40 employees.

Our factory in Ochtrup is located in the north-western part of North-Rhine Westphalia close to the Dutch border. We are a highly reliable pipe producer for the sanitary and heating industry. The main application fields for our PE-Xc pipes (cross-linked pipes) and aluminium multilayer pipes are surface heating, radiator connections and potable water installation. We are one of the TOP 100 most innovative companies in Germany, and we are the number one manufacturer of PE-Xc pipes worldwide. Our operations in Ochtrup include production, R&D, and logistics handling for our customers. In Ochtrup we have over 200 employees.

Vienenburg is part of the historical town of Goslar and is situated in the Harz Mountains of Lower Saxony in Germany. Our site mainly serves as a logistics centre for Germany, with an annual volume of 500,000 radiators. Our activities in Vienenburg include the production of underfloor heating isolation systems, administration, sales and marketing. We have some 70 employees in Vienenburg.

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