Valves used in the recirculation of hot water may have an impact on human health. MMA Evobalance valves ensure lead-free drinking water.

In 2018, one of Purmo Group’s brands, MMA, introduced a sustainable solution for waterborne indoor climate systems: the Evobalance valve. It complies with the new regulations on lead content in drinking water, which is important as these valves are used to ensure the recirculation of hot water. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers lead exposure to be a major public health concern. Lead is a toxic metal and its extensive use has caused widespread environmental contamination and health issues globally.

Swedish innovation keeps drinking water pure and lead-free

The brass used in Evobalance valves contains a minimum amount of lead, which is one of the reasons why they have received the highest rating in several sustainability and environmental assessments. In fact, MMA is one of the very few producers that delivers thermostatic radiator valves, balancing valves and hot water circulation valves in brass with low lead content.

Our starting point was considering the HVAC industry’s responsibility in making sustainable choices.

We wanted to create a product that would be manufactured with the lowest possible amount of energy and with environmentally friendly materials. Today, the Evobalance valves are sustainably produced in Sweden,” says Niclas Schubert, Sales & Marketing Director for the Nordic region.

Minimizing energy usage

In addition to choosing sustainably produced solutions, the right choices can also be made in the installation phase: a well-balanced heating system can reduce energy usage by up to 15%. Purmo Group not only supplies emitters such as radiators and underfloor heating systems, but it can also ensure that the chosen solutions are sustainably commissioned with environmentally friendly products and solutions – ensuring the right indoor climate for our customers.

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Purmo Group’s factories are pursuing significant material savings for a greener, more competitive business.