At Purmo Group, we consider competent and committed employees as our biggest strength: our fundamental success is defined by our people and culture.

Our work is based on our Motto:
“We are proud of what we do and we care”
“We are courageous and ambitious and we make changes that matter”

We are motivated by the effect of our solutions on our customers, of our vision on the world, and of our actions on each other. That’s what we mean by pride and care. We apply that to our lives, our colleagues, our workplaces and our business.

We are passionate about seeking continuous improvement in who we are and what we do, and we’re careful to apply our efforts to changes that make a positive impact on each other, customers and the world around us.

We apply this motto to everything we do: with staff, customers, partners and the wider world. We’re proud to be like this, because we care about making things better.

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